About Academy

BACentric’s training courses were created to address a gap in learning opportunities for our consultants. BACentric takes professional development pretty seriously, and after a considerable amount of research, we came to the conclusion that no one provides the type of training that our people need to perform to our standards. The courses we discovered tended to focus on theory, rather than practice, and the training had no recent real-world experience.

To address our needs, we contacted the best people we could find to assist with developing and executing our internal training. We were delighted with the results and saw immediate improvements in our consultant’s capabilities.

The more that our training attendees talked about our courses with their peers, the more we realized that the demand for professional development opportunities of this nature isn’t just limited to BA Centric. The net result of this is the BACentric Academy for practitioners,  by practitioners.

Our trainers haven’t simply completed a train-the-trainer course and stepped in front of you, they are genuine stars of the industry who have first-hand experience of how analysis theory is really used in practice.

We will help your career raise a step above the rest with Business Analysis

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