About Us

We believe in making a difference and the power of contrast.

BACentric is a technology consulting company whose business concept is, in partnership with its customers,to create business value by enhancing and streamlining processes, organisations and digital solutions. We stand out due to our ability to combine skills in strategy and business operations with sound technical expertise and deep understanding of how organisations function. We live our values through a continuous collection of “proof points” where we all share the good examples, not only in in terms of sustainable results, but also how we grow as individuals and how we impact and are perceived by customers and the world around us. We take a personal stance in terms of how to best live our values and share that stance openly.

Together we envision tomorrow’s drivers while enhancing today’s reality. We call it accelerating transformation. We believe that evolution and flexibility are mandatory. Technology creates possibilities. By bringing them together we drive change. What we do expands. How we do it challenges the ordinary. Where structure and visionary thinking meet, we make strategies come alive. Where experience and innovation become one, we make a difference.

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