Which Domain is Best for Business Analysts

Hi There, You might be thinking about which domain to choose to work as a business analyst.

To be honest, there is no such particular domain that has continuous progress or downfall. And we don’t have a choice as such to select a particular domain to get the business analyst job. But still, there are few domains such as healthcare, Insurance, E-commerce has quite risen in demand from the last few years. The banks and Finance is also a quite steady area where you can expect good salary hikes. 

Let us take a look into the areas where you will fit enough and get good packages as well.

HealthCare: This is one of the biggest domain where we found consistent growth. Each domain has different areas of expertise. To get into this domain it is better to have the knowledge of the health care industry and their business processes. A clear understanding of the domain gives you a better insight into the analysis.

E-commerce: Currently this is the booming industry in the market. As we see everything going online these days. One of the challenging domain to work with. Keeping your analytical skills on its high is the key requirement of this domain.

Telecommunication: This is totally techno-functional domain that is steadily growing on a global scale. The person with an engineering background fits for this job as the domain requires a technical background. Rather industries higher the business analysts with the relevant background.

IT Industry: As we know the IT industry is stable for the last few years. The technology never stops to grow. The business analysts have to be ready with the knowledge of all types of software development life cycle(SDLC) and data modeling and other soft skills as well.

Apart from this, there are several domains where the industry searches people with relevant qualifications, job experience and with a strong technical background such as Aviation Industry, Chemical Industry, Automation Industry, Energy Industry, Engineering, and Construction, etc.

Few Industries are in need of the management skills with an MBA background such as FMCG (Food manufacturing), educational institutes, Banking and Finance Industry, Insurance Industry, Hospitality, and Travel Industry.

Hope the above information will be enough to choose the best domain for business analysts according to your educational qualification and interests.

All the Best!!

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