Our Business Analytics Training Program provides an in-depth understanding of the latest data analytics practices. You’ll look at commonly used statistical modeling methodologies, as well as leading state-of-the-art data mining techniques, challenging yourself to not just master data analysis, but to refine and develop strategies for communication of their findings.

This is an excellent program for non-technical people who want to make more data-driven decisions. You’ll learn data analysis skills and tools that will help you throughout your career, whether you’re in engineering, sales, marketing, operations, etc. You’ll learn to use Excel, SQL, R Language, PowerBI, Statistics, and Data handling to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the end goal of making better, data-informed decisions.

BACentric has been a leader in the advanced study of business analytics for more than 15 years, and this expanded program takes our commitment to a whole new level.

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Mentorship program

Our diverse team of dedicated career coaches actively guides and coaches our participants on their career paths and put together a plan to achieve their goals.

BACentric connects top talent with recruiters across cities in India. Our students have been recruited from top companies like Amazon, E&Y, Microsoft, Deloitte, and more

We will help you with interviews by preparing you as per the job description shared by recruiters and also analyzing your performance POST interview so you will know where to improve next time by avoiding the same mistakes.

You will have the opportunity to work 1-1 with mentors to build a strong resume and portfolio that demonstrates your skill sets & strengths on Job portals & Linkedin.

No matter which backgrounds our participants come from, we provide 1-1 mentoring as every profile is unique in its way and we need to work based on their career goals.

Our support will not end when our participants get the job. We provide on-the-job support so the initial days of their work won’t be scary as they will always have their mentor by their side when they need the most.

We conduct mock interviews with mentors, and industry experts so our participants know the areas of improvement before they take a real interview.

We work with alumni, Corporate HRs, Recruitment firms, and Consultancies to market participants’ profiles so they can get approached by potential employers.

Casestudies & Discussions

Benefit from project cases and industry talk from our practitioners.

Simulation & Games

Play and engage with the real data sets to see how the real-world scenarios work.

Theory & Application

You will learn by applying the theory concepts in project work.

Data and Data types
Data summary and frequency table
Fundamentals of statistics – central tendency and dispersion
Fundamentals of statistics – Skewness and Kurtosis
Fundamentals of statistics – Correlation
Working with data tables and finding
frequency distribution – box and whisker,histogram
Mathematical functions
Handling Time as a dimension – trend, seasonality, cyclicality
Permutation – Combination – Brush up
Sequence and Series – Brush Up
Concepts of Probability
Conditional probability
Probability Distribution of Discrete
variable, probability mass function
Binomial & Poison distribution
Probability Distribution of Continuous variable, probability density function
Normal Distribution and examples, central limit theorem
Hypothesis Testing
Contingency Table and Types of error
Probability of randomness – P value and
Alpha (level of significance)
Sampling techniques – Probability
sampling – Random, Stratified, systematic, Cluster
Sampling techniques – Non-probability
sampling – Convenience, Purposive, Snowball, Quota
Statistical Quality Control

Structured and unstructured data
What to look for in a dataset
Data in the analytics industry
How data changes across domains
Data tables and their differences from matrices
Missing values in a dataset and how it impacts
Handling multiple datasets
Practical Data Manipulation requirements while working with multiple datasets

  • Excel Table and Formulae
    Most frequently used Excel formulae
    Evaluate formulae – troubleshooting
    Useful Excel features for effective data presentation
    Excel Charts
    Pivot Tables
    Useful Excel Shortcuts
    Excel Recap and Summary

You will be given access to many real time project case studies where you will learn how the Business Analyst carried the project successfully and what are all the techniques which one should practice to be able to become an efficient Business Analyst.

Retrieving data with SELECT
Combining queries with set operators
(Union, union all, intersect, except)
Joins and concepts related to join
Similarity/dissimilarities with Excel lookups
Regular expressions
Applying conditions with WHERE and HAVING
If Else
Case when
The OVER clause
ROW_NUMBER with ordered sets
Computing running total

Partitioning in multiple levels
For loop, While loop, cursor FOR loop
User-Defined Function
SQL recap and Summary

Introduction to open source programming languages
How is R different – from working with libraries
Dataset handling in R
Using SQL way of coding in R
R functionalities

Getting started with python – evolution and versions
Basics of Python language
Important libraries
Data Visualization in python – Part 1
Machine Learning Libraries overview
Important python concepts
Data analytics essentials
Data Visualization in python – Part 2
Python recap, Summary and QnA

We will help you with all the activities which will lead you towards getting a Business Analyst Job.

  • Resume Preparation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Work Assignments
  • Online Exams
  • Real time project exposure
  • Assistance after joining a company
  • Email and Phone support by trainers

Speak to stakeholders and define the problem statement clearly
Start with end result in mind – create a design of charts and a dashboard
Look for input data and clean it
Build your charts and make the dashboard
Automate the pipeline for regular data refresh
Recap, Summary, QnA

  • Competency Proficiency
  • BA Necessary Competencies
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving
  • Behavioral characteristics
  • Business knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Interaction skills
  • Software application knowledge
  • Best Practices
  • Use iterative analysis
  • Focus on process improvement
  • Apply progressive elaboration
  • Check as you go
  • Use the investigative approach
  • Adopt traceability
  • Formalize business analysis through standardization
  • Improve communication through modeling

You will be assigned to a real time project as a Jr.BA who will be assisting in all the activities a Business Analyst should be doing when he got assigned to a project. With this you will get a hands on experience working on a real time project.

This is a one-to-one mentorship program. Here, our experienced in-house Business Analytics practitioners will guide our program participants throughout the course and even after joining a company. You will learn the Do’s and Don’t s of Business Analytics.

The Business Analytics training program will be for  2.5 to 3 Months. Here is how we have divided the schedule.

Once the theory, tools, and practice are done, you will be assigned to projects from real-world scenarios which will help you sustain life after getting the job.

Career Support activities like hand-holding till the participant get to work independently, Mock Interviews, Resume preparation, Insights from real-time BA experts, and On the Job support will be provided.

At the end of the course, you will be well-versed in complete business analytics and will be able to crack any interview and lead your IT career as a business analyst

Timings of Business Analytics Training Program

ONLINE (Live – Instructor Led Training)  

Weekdays – 2 hrs – Mon to Fri

Weekends – 4 hrs – Sat & Sun

Note: The slots are subject to availability. Due to small batch strength and the high demand for enrollments, we may close the admissions sooner than scheduled. Please contact our program managers to confirm your slot.

We conduct Business Analytics training workshops in the following cities. To register or know more about our program, please contact us, and will get back to you at the earliest.


Hyderabad | Bangalore | Chennai | Pune | Mumbai |Kochi | Mysore | Vishakapatnam | New Delhi | Ahmedabad | US | Canada | Australia | New Zealand | UAE | London | Singapore |

The course fee for Business Analytics training is Rs. 65,000.

Payment can be made through Net Banking, Debit, and Credit card.

What are the prerequisites to take Business Analytics training?

There are no prerequisites for joining the Business Analytics training. The candidate should hold a bachelor’s degree in Technology/Commerce/Business management.

Here are the few educational qualifications that the recruiter asks for:

  1. B.Tech/M.Tech
  2. MCA/M.Sc Computer science
  3. MBA (Any specialization)
  4. B.Com/B.Sc (with the process or IT-related experience)

Who can join this Business Analytics training?

  • Software Programmers/Team leaders
  • Business Development/Sales executives
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Quality Assurance
  • Subject Matter Expert in IT/KPO/BPO
  • IT/Helpdesk Support executives

What are the skills that a Business Analyst should have?

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Documentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
Business Analytics Training

Why Join Us?

professional workshop
Professional Workshop

Completely practical. Real-time. In our Business Analytics training, we lay a solid foundation by working on all the aspects of Business Analytics.

hands on experience
Hands-on Experience

Our facilitators are highly experienced with hands-on actual project experience as business analysts.

personal attention
Personal Attention

We do not entertain more than 5 attendees in our workshop. Hence we can keep track of everyone’s learning needs and deliver knowledge based on their capabilities.

get what you need
You Get What You Really Need

Our focus is on your overall development in Business Analytics training. We make sure you walk out as a productive Business Analyst.

LMS Access
24×7 LMS Access

You will get access to our premium Learning Management System 24x7x365. We have covered many topics, articles, white papers and case studies in there. That’s loads of information.

career counselling
Career Counselling

Professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation, and identification of relevant opportunities in the business analysis field.

five students per class
5 students per class

We only enroll up to 5 students per class so that we can concentrate on all of the class at a time and every student gets a chance to clarify his/her doubts clearly.

phone and email support
Phone and Email support

Want to get any support all around the clock? We provide support all around the clock via email and phone from the faculty.

100+ lessons included
100+ Lessons included

For your better understanding, we provide 100+ lessons and also tools that can help everyone to cherish their career.

video tutorials
Video tutorials included

Not only personal classes, we also provide video tutorials by which one can get the visuals in real-time.

100% placement
100% Placement Assistance

Apart from the hands-on training, we also provide you 100% placement assistance by brushing up your skills to get a better opportunity.

resit for the course
Resit any time for free

If you have any doubts on any topic or you missed a few sessions, you can resit for the course at any time for free.

Why Business Analytics

“86% of executives say their organizations have been at best only somewhat effective at meeting the primary objective of their data and analytics programs, including more than one-quarter who say they’ve been ineffective”.

McKinsey | The need to lead in data and analytics

New jobs will be created worldwide for skills related to data analytics by 2025

Organizational EBIT is attributable to AI say 22% of survey respondents

Companies believe automation and or digitisation is a top priority

Companies have started using AI and machine learning for at least one function

Companies our alumni are working with

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Business Analytics Training Course Free
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