What are The Core Competencies of a Business Analyst?

A business analyst role in the business is very dynamic and challenging as you need to be a quick, critical analytical thinker and effective communicator as well. As there are several high-level responsibilities of the business analyst, it is mandatory for you to be dynamic with agile software development.

Here we will discuss what type of business analysts competencies a business analyst competency matrix. We will discuss the core competencies of business analysts.

  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Analysis Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Management and Leadership Skills
  • Technical Awareness of the project
  • Tools and Techniques

The major success of the project depends on how the project handled well enough so that there will be minimum loopholes. There the role of business analyst competentness comes in the picture because he is the one who is the bridge between customers, all the team members, and stakeholders.

Communication Skills: The most important is how effective you communicate so that the right information conveyed properly to all the participants in the team meetings. Asking the right questions and focusing on listening as well helps a lot. You should able to take proper notes from the meetings whether it is room meeting or conference call meetings. The same is applicable in email communications as well.

Critical Analysis skills: Critical thinking is the one kind of asset to the business analyst. He should possess strong domain knowledge. Until and unless he doesn’t understand the complexity of the project he may not be able to think about all aspects of the project.

Problem Solving Skills: After understanding the complexity of the project, the business analyst, has to figure out what could be the problems and produce potential solutions to that problem.

Management and Leadership Skills: Managing the project is not only meant to manage the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the project but also to manage the team with his behavioral skills. Your leadership skills also polished well so that you can manage the team efficiently.

Technical Awareness: While handling the project, a business analyst must aware of technical terms, the jargon used in the industry, and also how the technical people such as developers and testers working on various tools and which technology they are using to develop the application.

Tools And Techniques: Apart from the industrial technical knowledge a business analyst should aware of the tools which are used to develop the requirement analysis document,

Use cases, user stories, change management, impact analysis management, etc.

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