What is the Difference Between a Business Analyst and a Scrum Master

Hello friends!! So far we have seen the different methodologies of SDLC and the role and responsibility of the business analysts in all types of methodologies. In this blog, I am going to discuss how a business analyst differs from a scrum master in agile methodology and difference between business analyst and scrum master roles.

Business Analyst:

Ideally, a business analyst is more into core business processes and work more on how to improve these processes for the betterment of the business. He also needs to work on grooming the business and suggest improvements.

Responsibilities of the business analyst :

  • Understanding the product backlog provided by the product owner or customer.

Prioritizing the product backlog depending on analyzing the customer’s needs and requirements.

  • Creating user stories based on the requirements with appropriate acceptance criteria.
  • In a few cases, the product owner creates user stories and their acceptance criteria. In this scenario, the business analyst has to review and analyze the documentation prepared by the product owner and elaborate it if needed for a better understanding of the team members.
  • Working with the product owner, stakeholders to understand the scope and suggest improvements.
  • Preparing requirement documents, user stories, wireframes, etc.
  • A business analyst is a person who looks at overall business processes and analyzes it and suggests improvements. He works on a higher level of the hierarchy.

Scrum Master:

Scrum master is the person who leads the team in all aspects. He holds the team meetings on a daily basis. He addresses and guides developers and product owners to prioritize the scrum backlog in the project.  

Responsibilities of the Scrum Master :

  • Conducting meetings and coaching the team members throughout the project. Addressing and guiding on the issues and helping team to understand the details in the functional requirement for that particular sprint development.
  • He is the person who organizes all the scrum events and helps the team to take important decisions based on the facts. He helps the team to achieve the sprint oriented results in given timelines.
  • The scrum master is also responsible for checking team productivity from time to time. And make sure that the team is engaged in their respective task to complete the work on time.
  • Scum master is working on the lower level of the project development life cycle. He is responsible to handle the team and their productivity.

We have seen the different responsibilities of the Business Analyst and Scrum Master. Hope this will help you to understand the difference between their roles.

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