What is the Difference Between the Test Case and the Test Scenario?

As we are very much aware that testing is an integral part of the SDLC and well-written test cases are the foundation of checking the functionality of the product. The role of the business analyst is to analyze the functional requirement and provide the proper input to the testing team.

Based on the business analyst requirement document testers develop the test scenarios and test cases.

What is the Test Scenario: 

A test scenario can be a one-line statement.

E.g  Check the Login page functionality.

        Check the search functionality

        Check the payment functionality

When a tester defines a scenario, he/she has to think in all perspectives to check the login functionality. So to check each and every probability of the system input tester has to write a different test case for each input. Usually, one test scenario covers a set of test cases with different inputs.

A set of test scenarios covers the whole functionality of the business product and it is a high-level design of the test coverage. Often this is used as a reference document by testers. Based on these test scenarios testers plan and design the test cases and 

What is a Test Case: 

A test case is the set of instructions given to the system to perform a particular task to ensure the system is working properly according to the functionality. A test case contains three parts.


Predefined actions with data

Expected result

The test case must include valid and invalid data, preconditions, expected results.

E.g. Checking the login functionality

There are possible 4 test cases

  1. Enter Valid User ID and valid password
  2. Enter an invalid User ID and valid password
  3. Enter Valid User ID and invalid password
  4. Enter an invalid User ID and invalid password

A test case is part of a test scenario. A set of test cases define one test scenario.

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