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Domain training – Fuel up your business analysis career

A Business Analyst is the one who analyses, transforms and resolves business problems with the help of technology. He is the one who ‘understands’ a business and this is why Domain knowledge is one of the most preferable skill which companies consider when hiring a business analyst. The question is what if a business analyst has worked in a domain for many years and then joined another company where he needs to work on completely different domain? This is the reason why business analysts get trained in various domains so that they understand it and work closely with the stake holders and use the relevant terminology to have a hassle free requirement gathering.

You can find a senior business analyst who has a 5+ years of business analysis experience might have worked at least two different domains. Many recruiters emphasize on the domain knowledge so that they can get ‘fit’ in their business easily. But finding a business analyst with relevant domain expertise is quite a tough task for them.

To address this need, BACentric has come up with domain knowledge training so that entry and senior level business analysts can get benefited and get adapt to the environment. We provide Domain training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

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