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Yes. You can become a Business Analyst. You will probably already be familiar with many of the technical skills taught, however there will be additional techniques, such as elicitation techniques, that will assist you in moving out of a pure developer or tester role. Spend good time in understanding and knowing business analyst roles, tasks, responsibilities. Study and understand different domains and how they work. With good preparation, you can definitely become a business analyst.

It is added advantage if you are aware of technical things but it is not mandatory to have technical hands-on. However we recommend to know what are the technologies available in the market and what sort of technologies are better for a a particular software.
Usually this comes by experience. As BA, you usually interact with developers, you need to make best use of the time. As questions, know more about frameworks. You need to know – how code is written? But what technology, what framework? What are the other frameworks? Why this framework is applied? Why not other framework? Etc these questions will enable you to make techno functional. Techno Functional people have more demand in the job market.

Yes, that is valid.
Lets go by an example –
(a)You want to hire a cook at your home, if a person wants to join as cook at your home without having cooking experience, will you offer him/her a cook job?? NO, you will never offer a cook job to a person who doesn’t have cooking experience.
(b) In the same above scenario, if the person states, he worked as Waiter – person serves table at restaurant (as main role) and he helped the cook for few years and later he/she started cooking but the actual role was still Waiter. You will think of possibilities and directly do not reject him.
If that person defends with example like, how he got cooking opportunity in absence of chef and what all he prepared with recipe – you may feel better and show confidence on that person.

Same thing applies to your BA role when you switch role.

As per my experience, Business Analyst life time is around 8
years. Usually you will not find business analyst with 9 years, 12 years, 15
years of experience. Business Analyst need to get into next level. Ideally a Sr. BA will get promoted as Functional Consultant, Business Analysis Lead, Enterprise/Business Architect, Director/VP.
Not only for Business Analyst, for any role like developer, tester – there is a life time. There exists no developer with 15 years of experience.
He/She needs to be elevated to team Lead, Tech Lead or Technical Architect

Most of our business analysis courses cover soft skills, as communications skills are key for a BA; how to elicit requirements, understand the difference between a need and a want, understand what users say is what they mean etc. BACentric courses align with the underlying fundamental knowledge areas (which cover communication skills) of the BABOK®.

Our 5 day Business Analysis course is designed to give you a complete methodology for the role of a BA and equip you with tools and techniques to face any situation in your new role. The course provides grounding in the skills and techniques required to succeed as a BA – it is a fundamental course covering what you need to know to be a BA and giving you the tools to implement in the role straight away.

The maximum number of trainees per classroom is 5. We want all our trainees to get personal attention from the trainer and do well. With this strategy, the  training session will be very interactive and more efficient.

Lets understand this very clearly. Getting a job is a personal achievement which you need to do. We will put our 100% in assisting you till you get into a company as a BA. If you have good communication skills then it will not take more than 1 to 2 months in getting a good BA profile with a decent salary package.

Note – Please do not believe any institute/trainer who promises you for a job after training. We noticed that many BA aspirants got cheated like this.

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