What is the Role of a Business Analyst Throughout the RPA Journey

Before moving to the business analyst roles and responsibilities in the RPA projects I would like to brief you about RPA. The RPA stands for robotic process automation. 

Now a days, it is used globally to automate business processes to bring down human efforts using artificial intelligence.

Role of the Business Analyst in RPA:

Though the role of business analysts is common for all types of domains, it is necessary for them to become tech-savvy and curious about the business processes with minute details. Preparing business documents and designing new business processes is still common in all types of businesses but being an RPA business analyst they have to closely observe business processes and find out the potential processes which can automate. Their basic role is to process design and implement creative RPA solutions for the organization. 

Key responsibilities handled by RPA Business Analyst:

  • Work closely with teams in the identification of business requirements, functional design, process design
  • Analyze business processes, identify potential automation opportunities, and propose a Plan of RPA strategy.
  • Creating the – PDD (Process Description Document), and  SDD (Solution Design Document) in detail.
  • Providing the solution proposal by checking the scalability of the RPA client architecture.
  • Assist the team by providing insights from the documentations.
  • Updating to RPA stakeholders and other team members during project delivery

Being an RPA business analyst it is highly recommended to have strong at the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical analytical thinking and a great level of curiosity.
  • Logical thinking to find the hidden opportunities of the business processes.
  • Leadership skills to handle the whole team until the delivery of the project.
  • Strategic planning approach to meet business needs.

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