What is the Role of Business Analyst in Data Migration Projects

Hi friends, until now we have discussed the role of the business analyst for different types of projects like agile environment, Dev Ops environment, and many different domains, etc. 

There are different roles a business analyst needs to perform for different environments.

Now we are going to discuss data migration. Data migration is nothing but moving the data from one place to another without disturbing its integrity and consistency. Nowadays many organizations moving their data to web from the local server. There are benefits in doing such practice as it saves your server cost and gives you fast access to the data.

So as a business analyst what you need to know 

  • What is data about and how it’s affecting the business?
  • The form of data.
  • The source system and the target system data mapping.
  • Tools involved in the migration of data.
  • The risk involved in data migration.
  • Perform the migration testing. Testing of static and dynamic (transaction-based data).
  • Creating an audit report regarding data migration and its risks.

A business analyst has to take care of the above responsibilities, in the data migration project. 

Apart from that, a business analyst must see that data migration is not affecting business continuity. It’s not enough to check whether the data is migrated well but also need to check that the migration is compatible with the multiple targeted systems and their interdependencies of the data from different locations.

Hope this information is well enough to get the idea that how much a business analyst needs to get evolved in the project.

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